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Arab Health 2020

We know that our global health system is only as strong as its weakest link thanks to the latest coronavirus outbreak.

The pharmaceutical industry has expanded significantly over the last 20 years, and revenues currently exceed US$ 1.42 trillion annually. Arab Health was prepared to give us access to more than 4,250 medical producers from across the world and information on the newest advancements in the healthcare sector. 55,000 visitors from 159 nations have arrived in Dubai to see and learn about the revolutionary and life-changing technologies.

The goal of Arab Health is to provide the best possible environment for interaction among pharmacists, business professionals, marketers, researchers, and other related healthcare professionals. Pharmacy is a science that is constantly changing. We have always made sure to meet patients’ demands and expectations even under unusual and dramatic conditions. We must therefore constantly realign, reengineer, and reinvent ourselves.

We hope to see you at Arab Health next year!

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