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Medlab Middle East 2023

Co-hosted with Arab Health, Medlab Middle East hosted more than 20,000 visitors. It also hosted 700 exhibitors throughout the show’s four days, a 100% increase on the previous year, with exhibitors and visitors representing more than 180 countries.

The exhibition held under the theme of ‘Paving the way for technological advancements and sustainability in laboratory medicine’ underscoring the rate at which laboratory technology has advanced in recent years.

Tom Coleman, exhibition director for Informa Markets, said: “We have seen the demand for clinical laboratory services increase significantly in the last two years. As such, we’ve witnessed a surge in demand from visitors and exhibitors. Covid-19 undoubtedly put increased focus on the laboratory market. Subsequently, we have seen a wealth of new technology and innovation being adopted, which is driving automation and collaboration with the lab and critical external stakeholders. More generally, we have seen factors such as the rising prevalence of chronic illnesses and the resulting need for early diagnostic testing contributing to the growth in the size of the lab market. The speed of technological advances in raising productivity and cost savings will also be a key factor in driving the industry’s growth.”

Healily powered by GPC

With our sub-brand Healily, we also attended Medlab Middle East to present our molecular diagnostics & genetic testing portfolio.

Healily is bringing world-class Molecular Diagnostics & Genetic Tests to your region with reliable Reference Labs. More than 5000 tests including Prenatal and Postnatal Genetic Diagnostics, Oncogenetics. We offer fast and reliable results with experienced team.

We also learned about brand-new products and services from a variety of industry-related exhibitors. We got the chance to introduce our supply chain to our international colleagues.

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