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GPC Unity Warehouse always aims to fulfill all the commitments as it promises for quality and reliability.

Our Costumers


The partnerships with the hospitals are crucial for us. GPC Unity Warehouse always aims to fulfil all its commitments as it promises quality and reliability. By doing so, we always take into account the long and short-term expectations of our partner hospitals. From A to Z, GPC Pharmaceutical Wholesaler team is ready to provide any kind of pharmaceutical brand and medical brand to hospitals from all over the world.

Among our business partners, we have a wide range of customer portfolios, from oncology hospitals to state hospitals, and university hospitals Interested in becoming a customer? Please contact us.

Which hospitals have we collaborated with so far?
  • International Hospitals
  • Local Hospitals
  • Children’s Hospitals
  • Diabetes Hospitals
  • Oncology Hospitals
  • University Hospitals
What services do we provide to hospitals?

Why Hospitals Should Work with GPC

Big Quantity Supply and Diversity of Products

GPC’s wide selection of products helps hospitals increase their efficiency and productivity. By offering a diverse selection of products, hospitals can reduce the time it takes to find and purchase the necessary supplies and equipment.


Professional Supply and On-Time Delivery

GPC is dedicated to providing superior customer service. They are available to answer any questions or concerns that hospitals may have, and they are always willing to help find the right product on-time.

Cost-Effective Prices and Quality Control

Working with GPC means hospitals can take advantage of bulk discounts that may not be available through other suppliers. This can lead to significant cost savings for hospitals. GPC is committed to providing quality products that meet hospital standards.

Better Manage Your Orders

We hold firmly on to the human and ethical values ensuring quality healthcare delivery.

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